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An average roof lasts between 15-20 years based upon the type of roofing system installed and its maintenance and upkeep. The roof sustains a lot of weathering on account of winds, rains, hail and snowstorms.

  • Asphalt shingles are supposed to be in a good condition for about 15 years with proper maintenance.
  • Wood shake roofs have a life expectancy of 30 years. 
  • Tile roofs have a lifespan of anywhere between 40-50 years.
  • Metal roofs are the longest lasting - lasting more than 50 years.

Roofs are constantly exposed to the external weather elements and UV rays that cause aging. Weathering and persistent rains may cause water leakage or seepage. This moisture can cause moss growth that will weaken the roof. The accumulated moisture can break into the walls causing water damage inside as well.

Our roofing services include repair of the leaks and/or replacing damaged and worn out roofing materials. We can help you spot defective areas and suggest measures to correct them easily and quickly.

While we are working on your roof, you should also consider the under side too! Let us show you how radiant barrier can help save you money!



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