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Benefits Of Solar Screens
  • Health Benefits - solar screens protect people from the sun's energy and shield eyes from its harmful glare. They help keep homes cool and block ultraviolet rays.
  • Economic Benefits - usually more expensive than traditional blinds or window coverings, solar shades pay for themselves by saving on electric bills. They keep homes cooler so your a/c doesn't work as hard.
  • Other Money-Saving Benefits - along with saving on energy bills, solar screens help people save money on replacing carpet and furniture. By blocking the sun's rays, the screens protect from fading.
  • Additional Benefits - screens can be custom-fit for any window or door and can help to keep insects out. They also can provide increased privacy.

BBB Accredited

Solar screens are the most effective window treatments that you can apply to your home for lowering energy bills by stopping the heat transfer through your windows and doors while still maintaining your view.

What color of solar screen should you choose?

The darker colors are more efficient and also have the best view. However there are many different colors and you should pick the color you will be most happy with. Remember... the darker the color the better the view.

Which windows or doors on my house should you do?
  1. Cover all east and west facing windows
  2. Cover all south windows
  3. It is not always recommended to cover the north windows. There are exceptions such as if your north facing windows are receiving a high reflective glare off of other buildings or structures.

Solar screens are easily installed on the outside of almost any window. Solar screen mesh is considerably heavier than the standard screen. The greatest advantage is that solar screens work whether the windows are open or closed. It is recommended to keep them in place during the winter because the screen's fabric has the advantage of reducing wind chill effect across the window's surface, thereby reducing heat loss.

Additional benefits include:

  • reduced carpet fading
  • curtain and drape fading
  • insect protection when windows are open
  • prolonged life of windows and window seals


Solar Screen for Windows

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Solar Screen for Doors


Solar Screen Colors


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