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The Attic Tent is a patented insulating approach designed to produce a barrier against the transfer of air and heat between the attic and rest of the home. Built out of fire retardant material, the Attic Tent blocks the exterior movement of heated air during winter and entrant of warm air during summer. It has been set up to moderate air and heat transfer in and out of the residence by as much as 71%. Result: lower heating and air conditioning costs respectively, sometimes by as much as 20%. Moreover, its solitary scheme prevents insulation particles from falling into the house when accessing the attic.

Replacing existing doors and windows with their energy-efficient alternatives at a price of thousands of dollars is a step in the accurate direction towards conserving energy of your residence, but without addressing the trouble of the leaking attic, all these efforts would amount to nothing. And the excellent system to do that is by installing an Attic Tent.

Not only is the product effective, it is low- cost as well. The Attic Tent comes in many sizes. It is estimated that the product will pay back the investment within a few years through reduced intensity bills.


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